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Welcome to a realm where Poetry & Spoken Word transcend mere words, becoming the very essence of my soul's expression. From the earliest days of my existence, I've harnessed the alchemy of emotion through the written word, crafting my innermost feelings into verses that resonate with the depths of my being. When these verses find voice through spoken word, they transform into a force of unparalleled power. This power manifests in myriad forms – vulnerability, truth, enlightenment, divinity. My poetry transcends language; it's the sacred bridge that guides me back to the essence of my Spirit, within. Join me on this journey through the tapestry of my soul's language, where words dance like whispers of the divine.

Mychal self published his first book of poetry in 2018.  Journey Inn is a book inviting you to

enter within you, making the poetry and words a mutual reflection into Self.

This is the place of Infinite Possibility.

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